Rent with an Option to Purchase/Buy! Have You Ever Considered It?

In today’s real estate market many new home buyers are finding it more difficult to purchase a home. Your credit score is what determines whether or not you are qualified to purchase. If you are quailifed you then need a downpayment. But what if you are credit challenged and lack a downpayment? Well, you have options. Consider renting to own. There are many homes on the market that are just sitting waiting for buyers just like you. Sellers are willing to finance the home for you. Didn’t think it was possible, well it is! Never give up on the dream to own a home. With the proper planning you to can own a home. So now that you know that this option is available, what do you do next? Ask me and I’ll help you get on your way to home ownership.

Click Here To View Chicagoland Homes!


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